Club History

In 1975, the Frankel family built the entire Boca Lago community including the Country Club.  Rather than risk the outright sale of the Country Club by the Frankel’s development company to a private concern, the residents of Boca Lago banded together in an effort to purchase the Club outright, and forever protect this wonderful facility for the exclusive use of the private Members.  As it was known in the early 80’s, the “Inter-association Council” formed a committee for the purpose of negotiating between the developer and all prospective equity Members of the Club.  On September 15, 1981, a Membership plan was sent to every unit owner in Boca Lago.  Every prospective Member received a 100 page proposal with terms for the acquisition of the Club and a Membership application.  By October 28th, we had received 793 Golf applications, 210 Tennis applications and 106 Social applications for Membership, together with checks totaling approximately $7,900,000.

On November 5th, title was transferred to the new Equity Members of Boca Lago Country Club with an effective date of November 1, 1981.  From that day until today, the responsibility of managing and guiding our Club has been the responsibility of the elected Club President and a Board of Governors.  The tireless effort of these individuals has contributed significantly to the success of Boca Lago.

By 1993, the Club had achieve a peak of 1278 Members with a long waiting list to join.  Club utilization was so strong that the Members approved a $4.3 million renovation. This renovation was completed in the fall of 1996 and created the look and feel of the Clubhouse as we experience it today.

In 2007/2008, the Board recognized the changing landscape and with the Membership’s approval, a $1 million dollar renovation was approved.  Through this renovation the Clubhouse was totally upgraded with a new casual dining facility, a brand new bar and lounge area, and completely updated furniture, carpets and window dressings.  In addition, a new Health and Wellness facility was built out complete with all new state of the art equipment and flat screen technology for the Membership.  The icing on the cake is our new WIFI enabled Club facilities.  The Club is now in a very good position to attract a younger, Twittered, Facebooked, smart phone carrying, health conscious family Member that may very well prove to be the future of the outdoor lifestyle in America.